Atheras Analytics has developed a suite of AI-based, SaaS-delivered software tools for designing and operating Ka-band and Q/V-band satellite networks to mitigate the effects of weather and improve network and service availability.

Design Tool


The delivery of high throughput data services requires the use of tens or hundreds of gateways. The cost-effective implementation of such a large number of gateways prompts multiple design questions including:-

  • How many gateways are needed?
  • How many diversity gateways?
  • Where should the gateways be located for best availability?
  • What is the optimum gain for each gateway antenna?
  • What is the optimum link budget/fade margin?
  • How do we manage and operate the gateways?
  • Can I support multiple services?

Operational Tool


The SGD Operational Tool uses AI-techniques to enable satellite operators to pro-actively manage both simple two-station diversity gateways and more complex Smart Gateway Diversity (SGD) arrangements by:

  • predicting outages 6 hours ahead
  • analysing weather predictions at available diversity gateways
  • automatically transferring traffic to alternate gateways before outages occur.



The ability to predict telecommunications outages for users of Ka-band User Terminals employed in mission-critical applications, such as defence and security, will be of significant operational benefit to such users.

The UTOPiA service is provided through our partner Ka-band Satellite Service Providers.