Atheras Analytics has developed a suite of software tools, the SGD Optimisation Toolkit, that has been developed to optimise both the design and operation of HTS, VHTS and EHTS system gateways employing Smart Gateway Diversity (SGD) techniques.

The toolkit is based around an algorithm that has been developed using machine-learning techniques from a database of proprietary Ka-band and Q/V-band satellite signal propagation time-series measurements and high resolution, time-series meteorological measurements collected at multiple diverse geographic locations over several years.  The algorithm thus permits site-specific weather analysis which goes far beyond the classical ITU-R P.618 weather modelling.

The SGD Design Tool enables satellite operators to optimise the design of their next-generation, multi-gateway satellite networks to provide the most cost-effective design. Read more

The SGD Operational Tool uses AI-techniques to enable operators to pro-actively and effectively manage both simple two-station diversity gateways and more complex Smart Gateway Diversity (SGD) arrangements by predicting outages and automatically transferring traffic to alternate gateways before outages occur. Read more

UTOPiA is an application that uses the same outage prediction algorithm as the SGD Operational Tool to forecast outages to a Ka-band or Q/V-band VSAT terminal at a specific location so that appropriate mitigating action can be taken. Read more